Vice President

The Vice president, under the direction of the BTS President and Administrative Committee, shall be responsible for supporting the president in general supervision of the affairs of the Society.

This is a two-year commitment and can be followed by a consecutive two-year term.

Primary Staff contact - Society Operations Manager -

The functions, duties, responsibilities and qualifications of the IEEE BTS ’s Vice President are as follows:


The functions of the IEEE BT Society Vice President shall be to:

  • Be first in succession to the BT Society President.
  • Provide counsel and assistance to the President while preparing to become president.
  • Provide leadership and direction for officers and society programs.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the IEEE BT Society Vice President shall be to:

  • Serve as a member of the Administrative Committee and Executive Committee.
  • Provide counsel to the president in making Executive Committee, standing committee and other appointments.
  • Identify and develop potential future volunteer leaders for the Society.
  • When possible, participate as an attendee for all IEEE BTS events.
  • Serve as the BT Society’s alternate representative on the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB).
  • Expectation is that VP will become President once the president’s term is completed


The qualifications for the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society Vice President include the following:

  • Must be an IEEE BTS Member.
  • Must be able to commit a significant amount of time to the position.
  • Must have the support of his/her employer in meeting the obligations of the position.

Desirable Skills

Desirable soft skills for the Vice President include:

  • Technical excellence in computing
  • Strategic thinking
  • Understand the big picture but able to devote attention to details
  • Operational decision making
  • Solid business acumen
  • Drive towards making things happen
  • Work with people with different social styles
  • Skilled in conflict resolution
  • Influence through others
  • Work equally well with staff and volunteers
  • Able to recruit, mentor, and coach volunteer leaders 
  • social media involvement

Estimated Time Requirements

The minimum engagement for a Vice President is two days per week on average, in addition to travel and other meetings.  The distribution of time is uneven, and can spike depending on activities; at other periods, much less time is required.

  • Travel
    • BT Society Board Meetings 1-3 days/3 times per year
    • IEEE TAB Meetings 3 days/3 per year
    • Attendance at BT Conferences 1-3 days/2-3 per year
  • Material Review 4-6 hours/week
    (Examples: email, agendas, correspondence, reports, minutes)
  • Teleconferences
    • Monthly telecon among BT presidents and
    • executive staff Up to 12 (1 hour each)
    • Administrative Committee and ExCom telecons Up to 4 per year (1-1.5 hours each)
    • IEEE BT, IEEE and other telecon Up to 10 per year, as needed (1-2 hours each)