ITU Standards Representative

The BTS ITU Standards Representative will manage the BTS ITU Standards Committee under the direction of the BTS President.  The chair will attend at least 2 BTS AdCom meetings a year and submit a report. The committee will take part in: Studies of New Technology for Future Development of Broadcasting, and other related activities of ITU-R SG6.  

The IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity, and IEEE is a sector member of ITU.  Broadcasting is the FOI of the IEEE Broadcast TechnologySociety (IEEE-BTS) and encompasses devices, equipment, techniques, and systems related to broadcast technology, including the production, distribution, wired and wireless transmission,propagation aspects and reception, and fits into the standardization mission of theRadiocommunication Sector of the ITU (ITU-R).

Noting the trend that video/audio increasingly dominates the traffic of telecommunication networks and noting that 5G aims to provide content delivery as an important vertical application, IEEE BTS strongly believes there will be more public opportunities for implementing broadcasting technologies and networks, together with telecommunication network in serving this trend better.

Noting further that ITU-R has established comprehensive and advanced platforms for people and industries working in broadcasting, from both academia or industry to share their research and implementation work and their vision of the future. This has been reflected in Resolutions ITU-R 70 and 71. IEEE-BTS as a subsidiary of IEEE would like to make contributions to topics for the future

development of broadcasting such as:

-Broadcast Core-Network, Broadcast Internetworking with other Communications Infra-structure (WP 6A), Broadcast Inter-Tower Communication Networks (WP 6A), 5G beyond or 6G Broadcast System and Technologies (WP 6A), Broadcast Return Link and Interactive services (WP 6B), Datacasting (IoT, Connected car, Broadcast Internet) (WP 6B),

-Media Technologies: AR/VR, Light field/Point Cloud, Haptics; Processing, Distribution and QoS/QoE (WP 6C), 5G Media Production (WP 6C)

Media production using Cloud and Edge Computing (WP 6C)

Specific responsibilities include coordinating with BTS staff to advertise all programs and activities. Additionally, the Chair will act as the primary BTS ‘volunteer’ contact person for BTS and AdCom members, other society/council members and IEEE staff for requests, questions, issues, etc., concerning ITU Standards.