David Vargas

David Vargas p

Dr. David Vargas is a Senior Research Engineer and a Standards Specialist at the BBC working on 5G technologies for media distribution. He is a 3GPP delegate representing the BBC and has been a 3GPP RAN1 Feature Lead on NR MBS (Multicast Broadcast Services) work item for Release-17. He has also contributed to other standards development organisations such as DVB and ATSC, and is active in the EBU and 5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG) industry forums. David is the Chair of the Content Distribution - Technology working group at the 5G-MAG, a cross-industry association bringing together media and ICT industries collaborating on market-driven implementations of 5G based solutions for the connected media & entertainment sector. David has contributed and has led tasks in EU funded collaborative research projects on 5G. He has been a Guest Researcher with the Vienna University of Technology (Austria) and McGill University (Canada). Dr. Vargas holds a Ph.D. degree in Telecommunications from Universitat Politècnica de València.