DECT-2020 NR, optimized 5G industrial IoT radio local networks

- Introduction to new IMT-2020 technology and first non-cellular 5G standard, DECT-2020 NR, which is design to support mMTC and URLLC use cases. Autonomous operation and advanced co-existence capabilities with the latest state of art radio technology provides excellent performance and reliability.

- DECT 2020 NR supports de-centralized operation where equipment's do local association and routing decisions based on radio conditions they have. De-centralized operation is based on new approach for the protocol design. Interaction with physical layer and MAC layer is novel enabling L1 HARQ operation between devices.

- DECT -2020 NR physical layer design provides tools for different use cases. Higher numerlogies for increased bitrate and lower latecy, adaptive modulation to fully exploit radio conditions as well as built in capabilities to support multiple input and output (MIMO) for very advanced use cases.

- Presentation will have some initial performance results DECT-2020 NR which has been developed during the standard development phase, and some views about the interesting use cases for DECT-2020 considering media industry.