Technical Program

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

6:00PM - 8:00PM - CASUAL RECEPTION Just arrived and want to have a quick drink and bite to eat with fellow attendees? Come as you are, casual reception by the pool to say hello.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

9:00AM - Registration and opening remarks

9:10AM - Tutorial Session 1 - Advanced RF Technology for Radio, Session Chair - Roz Clark, Cox
Interleaving IBOC Signals for a Digital HD Radio, Phillipp Schmid, Nautel
10db IBOC at Combined Transmission Sites, John Schadler, Dielectric 

10:15AM - BREAK

10:40AM - Tutorial Session 1 continued - Session Chair - Glynn Walden, CBS
NAB Labs Radio Technology Update, David Layer, NAB
New Technologies in Single Frequency Networks, A Case Study - Hal Kneller, CPBE, WSUN Holiday

12:00PM - BOXED LUNCH, Keynote Speaker - Frank Artes, MaxPlay

1:45PM - Tutorial Session 2 - Cybersecurity, Session Chair - James O'Neal
Cybersecurity Risk Management and Best Practices, George Waters, Gwanda
Grounding Concepts and Techniques for Broadcast, Tom Sillimann, ERI

3:30PM - BREAK

3:45 PM - Tutorial Session 3 - Advanced Technology for Audio, Session Chair - Milford Smith
Immersive Program Interchange, Fadi Malak, DTS
Delivery and Playback, Jeff Riedmiller, Dolby
Spatial Representations Supporting Immersive Sound Systems, Deep Sen, Qualcomm


Thursday, 15 October 2015

8:20AM - Opening remarks

8:30AM - ATSC Standard - Session Chair - Rich Chernock  
Overview of ATSC 3.0,  Skip Pizzi, NAB
ATSC 3.0 Physical Layer Overview, Luke Fay, Sony
ATSC 3.0 Management & Protocols Layer, towards broadcast IP pipe to home, Youngkwon Lim, Samsung
ATSC 3.0 Applications & Presentation Layer, Madeline Noland, Consultant representing LG Electronics

10:00AM - BREAK

10:30AM - ATSC Standard continued
ATSC 3.0 Security Layer, Seton Droppers, PBS
Advanced Emergency Alerting, Peter Sockett, Capital Broadcasting Company

12:15 BTS/AFCEE LUNCHEON - Keynote Speaker - Jon Cowart, NASA

2:00PM - Alternative Delivery - Session Chair - S. Merrill Weiss
IP Video Delivery Cost: An Analysis on Channel Availability for Live and Non-Live Stream Events, Vitor C. Oliveira, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Brazil
Second Screen Interactive Applications for ISDB-Tb Platform, Geiza Caruline Costa
IP Content Delivery for IP Broadcasting – STLs in ATSC 3.0, S. Merrill Weiss, Chair, ATSC 3.0 STL/SFN Small Group

3:30PM - BREAK

3:45PM - AES 67 Panel - Session Chair - Paul Shulins
Using Livewire+ AES67 to build complete facilities over IP, Greg Shay, Tellos Alliance
AVB and AES-67 Technology Update, Al Salci, SAS 
Using AES67 to Bridge Technology Islands, Keyur Parikh, GatesAir
Wheatstone Corporation's Current Implementation of the AES67 Standard- Practical Considerations for Interoperability, Phil Owens, Wheatstone


Friday, 16 October 2015

8:20AM - Opening remarks

8:30AM - TV Repack - Session Chair - Jim Stenberg
Using an Improved Two-Ray Calculation to Determine the Source of Fresnel's Constants, Sid Shumate, Givens and Bell Inc.
TV Repack: Post-Auction Transition Procedures, Joseph Davis, Chesapeake RF Consultants
Advanced Passive Components for UHF Broadcast Spectrum Reallocation, Benedikt Scheid, RFS World 

10:30AM - BREAK

10:45AM - TV Repack continued 
Update on Upcoming World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15), Christine diLapi, Harris Corporation
RF and Antenna Transition Strategies, Keith Pelletier, Dielectric

12:00PM - BTS AWARDS LUNCH, Keynote Speaker, Ron Rackley, duTreil Lundin Rackely

2:00PM - The Science of PPM - Session Chair - Paul Shulins, Greater Media
Audio Watermarking in Broadcasting is a System within a System, Barry Blesser, Telos Alliance
Overview of the PPM System, Arun Ramaswamy, Nielsen

3:00PM - BREAK

3:15PM - ATSC 3 Implementation - Session Chair - Guy Bouchard
Next Generation Broadcast Television - More than just a Transmission Standard, Louis Libin, Sinclair Broadcasting Group
ATSC 3.0  toolbox empowering interactive television applications, Mark Corl, Triveni Digital
First Field Testing of Proposed ATSC 3.0 Physical Layer Technologies, Tim Laud, Zenith