Technical Program

Techical program for 2017 TBD but here is a sample of what went on last year....

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


8:30AM - Registration and opening remarks

Tutorial Session 1 - Audio Metrics, Session Chair - Paul Shulins, Director of Engineering, Greater Media Boston

9:00AM - Loudness Based Measurement in Audio Recording, John Kean, Cavell, Mertz & Associates

10:15AM - BREAK

10:30AM -Digital Television and Audio Loudness: Requirements and Practices, Jim Starzynski, NBC Universal 

Tutorial Session 2 - Man-made RF Noise Issues - Session Chair - Glynn Walden, Consultant,  CBS Radio

11:15AM - The Growing Impact of Ambient Noise on Broadcasting,  Steve Johnston Director of Engineering and Operations Wisconsin Public Radio

11:45AM - FCC/AFCCE Update on RF Noise -Tom King, President,  Kintronic Labs

12:00PM - BOXED LUNCH, Keynote Speaker - Tom Gallagher, CEO, American Radio Relay League, Inc. (ARRL)

Tutorial Session 2 continued 

1:15PM -  Man-made Spectral Noise - Ed Hare, ARRL 

1:45PM - All-digital AM Co-channel Interference Test Project - David Layer, Senior Director, Advanced Engineering, NAB

Tutorial Session 3 - The Practical Side of ATSC 3.0 - Session Chair - Rich Chernock, CSO, Triveni Digital

2:15PM - Why ATSC 3.0? - Dave Siegler, VP Technical Operations, Cox Media

2:30PM - ATSC 3.0 Physical Layer Overview - Mark Earnshaw, Coherent Logix

3:00PM - BREAK

3:15PM - ATSC 3.0 Physical Layer Overview cont'd - Mark Earnshaw, Coherent Logix

3:45PM - Content Creation for ATSC 3.0 - Skip Pizzi, Senior Director, New Media Technologies, NAB

4:45PM - ATSC 3.0 Status and How Do We Get There from Here Q&A - Rich Chernock, CTO, Triveni Digital

5:15PM - Closing Remarks


Thursday, 13 October 2016


8:00AM - Registration and opening remarks

DTV Repack - Session Chair - Robert Weller, Vice President for Spectrum Policy, National Association of Broadcasters

8:30AM - Advanced Modeling Method for UHF Broadcast Slotted Coaxial Antennas,  Brandon George, RFS

9:00AM - Doherty Amplifiers "101" and How They Apply to DTV, Fred Stefanik, Product Development Engineer, COMARK

9:30AM - DTV Repack Update - Joe Davis, Chesapeake RF Consultants, LLC

10:00AM -TV repack implications for FM station operations - James Stenberg, Principal Engineer, RF Broadcast, American Tower Corporation

10:30AM - BREAK

10:45AM - High-power tunable filter presentationDerek Small, Dielectric, Inc.

Single Frequency Networks - Session Chair - Merrill Weiss, President, Merrill Weiss Group, LLC

11:15AM - IBOC Single Frequency Network Implementation, Philipp Schmid, Nautel

12:00PM - BTS/AFCCE LUNCHEON - Keynote Speaker - Mark Aitken, VP, Advanced Technology, Sinclair Broadcast Group

Single Frequency Networks continued

2:00PM -Antenna Technology for ATSC 3.0 - Boosting the Signal Strength, Keith Pelletier, Dielectric

2:30PM -MaxxCasting™ and ZoneCasting™ Update – Boston, Tampa and Milwaukee Field Tests - Hal Kneller, GeoBroadcast Solutions

3:00PM - BREAK

Time Alignment for HD Radio - Session Chair - Roz Clark, Senior DIrector of Radio Engineering, Cox Media Group

3:15PM -Synchronizing IBOC Broadcast Components for Constant Diversity Delay, Philipp Schmid, Nautel 

3:45PM - HD Radio Diversity Delay Field Observations: The Need for Automatic Alignment, Alan Jurison, Senior Operations Engineer-Engineering and Systems Integrations, iHeartMedia

4:15PM - Broadcast System Architecture for Maintaining HD Radio Diversity Delay Alignment, Tim Anderson, Manager, Strategic Radio Market and Product Development,  Gatesair, Inc.

4:45PM - HD Radio Time Alignment, Ben Barber, President/CEO, Inovonics

5:15PM - Closing Remarks


Friday, 14 October 2016


8:00AM - Registration and opening remarks

Broadcast Plant - Session Chair - Paul Donovan, VP Engineering, CBS Radio

8:30AM - FM RDS Field Performance in Smart Grid Application, Jackson Wang, President, e-Radio, Inc.

9:00AM - New Techniques to Efficiently Monitor, Display and Process Large Amounts of Operational Data from Multiple Sites,Peter Burk, President, Burk Technology

9:30AM - A New Way to Transmit an FM Composite Signal Reliably Over a Low-Bandwidth Connection, Hans Van Zutphen, CEO , Thimeo Audio Technology B.V.

10:00AM - BREAK

 Broadcast Plant continued 

10:30AM -Improving FM Combiner/Filter Efficiency and Size Using Non-Conventional Coupling, Dan Fallon, Dielectric

11:00AM - The Effects of Bit Rate Reduction on Psychoacoustic Watermarks, Paul Shulins, Director of Engineering, Greater Media

Next Gen TV - Session Chair - Rafael Sotelo, Director ICT Department, School Engineering, Universidad de 
11:30AM - Fast Sparse Bayesian Learning based Symbol Detection for Generalized Spatial Modulation, Banghua Zhu

12:00PM - BTS AWARDS LUNCH, Keynote Speaker, John Clark, Executive Director, PILOT

Next Gen TV continued

2:00PM - Bayesian Matching Pursuit Based Symbol Detection for Generalized Spatial Modulation in Large-Scale MIMO Systems,
                Banghua Zhu

2:30PM - Service Prediction for Various Modes of ATSC 3.0Bill Meintel, Senior Partner, Meintel, Sgrignoli & Wallace and Dennis Wallace, Senior Partner, Meintel, Sgrignoli & Wallace

3:00PM - Comparative Analysis of Different Video Compressions at Different Resolution Formats, Irini Reljin, University of Belgrade

3:30PM - BREAK

3:45PM - Optimisation of ATSC 1.0, an essential tool for the ATSC 3.0 Transition, Guy Bouchard,Senior Manager-Broadcast

                 Signal Transport, CBC Technology

4:15PM - Mobile Field Test Result of LDM-Based Broadcasting SystemBo-mi Lim, ETRI

4:45PM - First OTA Comparison of ATSC 3.0 to ATSC 1.0, Wayne Luplow, Vice President, Zenith R&D