Paul Shulins

Paul ShulinsToday Paul Shulins is President of Shulins’ Solutions, a radio and tv broadcast consulting firm based in Andover Massachusetts, specializing in remote control solutions, studio design and construction, antenna protection systems and ratings metrics. Previously, Paul joined Burk Technology as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer in September of 2017. Prior to joining Burk Technology, Paul had been the Director of Technical Operations for Greater Media’s Boston, Massachusetts five FM Radio Stations for twenty-nine years. He has been working as a Radio Chief Engineer for forty years. Paul has been responsible for the planning and day-to-day management of one of the first major market studio consolidations in 1998 for Greater Media’s Boston radio stations. He has designed and constructed many custom, on-air program playback systems, technical facility monitoring and control systems. He is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and has held an SBE Radio Engineer Certification since 1982. Paul is also a member of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society and has co-chaired the BTS Broadcast Symposium for several years. And was recently elected by the BTS AdCom as a distinguished lecturer. Paul has presented numerous papers at the IEEE Broadcast Symposium, the NAB Broadcast Convention, and the NAB Radio Show. He has also been a frequent contributor to Radio World Magazine and authored several chapters in the 11th edition of the NAB engineering handbook. Paul has also served as an elected member of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society's administrative committee for three years. Today he is the President for IEEE’s Broadcast Technology Society. Paul earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New Hampshire System in 1979 with majors in physics, chemistry and natural sciences. He is a private pilot, and enjoys astronomy, skiing, and photography, and operates his Arizona observatory remotely collecting deep sky images.