Audience Measurements and Coding Technology

Traditionally radio broadcasts have been unidirectional from the host to the listener. Today, we have engineered new methods for making broadcasting more interactive and beneficial for the listener, advertiser, and radio station.

Using a call-to-action, audible trigger sound that can be broadcast over a radio station’s main channel makes it possible to allow audiences to engage with broadcasters and advertisers directly in the moment, while also allowing near real-time audience measurements that were never possible before. Using innovative, patented technology, radio stations and internet content providers will have the ability to track how many listeners heard the message, and they will have the real-time ability to adjust their programming to optimize their audience engagement and build relationships with their listeners.

My presentation will discuss this new patented technology and how it could be easily implemented by broadcasters to add this capability to their business model using pattern-matching algorithms, making this agnostic to the types of programming or density of the audio being broadcast.