Real Radio Hosts Working Virtually

Real Radio Hosts Working Virtually
How Real Humans Work with Containerized Broadcast Systems

Brief Summary
Containerized broadcast systems are now on-the-air in a variety of radio stations. Is the human talent adapting? Do they even have to?

Radio broadcasters have been anticipating their eventual deployment of virtualized broadcast software as part or most of their studio and backend infrastructure. A few radio stations and radio networks have already moved to a largely virtualized infrastructure while others are in the process now. The virtues of virtualization have been the topic of several dozen professional presentations ranging from manufacturers’ revelations to scholarly presentations.

With some systems on-air now, it’s time to ask, “What is working differently or the same - for broadcast engineers and for on-air talent?”  This presentation asks that question and presents answers from actual broadcast engineers, broadcast IT professionals, and on-air talent. Let's see and hear what they have to say in their own words.

We'll see highlights of 4 video interviews with engineers and on-air talent who are using virtualized broadcast system right now. Plus we'll do a live demo of a radio remote broadcast, using just a Chromebook at our end (the remote end) with the virtual audio console actually at the FM transmitter site. It's an eye-opener! .