SRT Backup, a proposal for the improvement of C band satellite link availability

SRT Backup, a proposal for the improvement of C band satellite link availability

By: Guy Bouchard

 This paper will go trough a typical C Band broadcast distribution link and compound the effect of 5G interference, the impact of 5 G is clear, a significant reduction of link availability, even with all the mitigation technique that may be used. this paper will propose another way of improving the service availability, to alleviate availability affecting phenomena such as the sun transit and the snow man snow accumulation, especially present in the upper northern hemisphere.  

This paper will look at the possibility to use of an SRT based backup link via the public internet, the SRT protocol is and open, industry wide protocol that help the broadcaster deliver reasonable availability on any MPEG-TS based link, using the public internet that has notoriously limited availability. 

We will look at the tools that SRT uses to achieve such a stunt and go trough the infrastructure required for this implementation.

This paper is written in a language non specialist engineer can understand.