Commerical and Technical Aspects of Next Generation Video Coding for Broadcast and Broadband

Since its publication in 2013 the video coding specification H.265/HEVC has become the de facto standard for broadband and broadcast applications. With H.266/VVC (Versatile Video Coding) and LC EVC (Low Complexity Enhanced Video Coding) ITU/ISO have provided two new video codecs recently. In addition AVS in China has published its AVS3 specification. Already some years before the Alliance on Open Media (AOM), which includes organizations like Google, Netflix or Microsoft, has introduced the AV1 specification for video coding, which is already widely implemented. All these Next Generation Video Codecs (NGVCs) offer better performance as compared to H.265/HEVC.

The proposed presentation will introduce these NGVCs and compare their coding efficiency to the H.265 base line. In addition an update on IPR licensing conditions will be provided.