Dr. Thomas Stockhammer

Thomas Headshot

Dr. Thomas Stockhammer joined Qualcomm in 2014 as the Director Technical Standards. In his different roles, he coauthored more than 200 research publications, more than 200 patents and 1000s of standards contributions. He is the active and has leadership and rapporteur positions in 3GPP, DVB, MPEG, IETF, ATSC, CTA, ETSI and the DASH-Industry Forum in multimedia communication, TV-distribution, 5G broadcast, content delivery protocols, immersive media representation and adaptive streaming. Among others, he leads the MPEG-I Scene Description efforts, is Chair of the DASH-IF Technical working group, rapporteur of 3GPP Video and XR activities as well as chairman of the DVB over 5G activity. He also received several awards for work on DASH and enTV, namely the INCITS Technical Excellence Award 2013, the 3GPP Excellence award 2017, the CTA Technology & Standards Achievement Award 2019 and an Emmy Inventor Award for in 2022. He is regular speaker and Program Committee Member at events such as IBC, DVB World, Mile High Video, MWS or BroadThinking.