David Gomez-Barquero - Bio

Pic DavidGomez Barquero UPV

DAVID GOMEZ-BARQUERO is an Associate Professor with the Communications Department, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), Spain. He leads a research group at the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM) at UPV, working on the design, performance evaluation, and optimization of next generation wireless communication technologies, with a special interest of 5G and broadcasting. He participated in digital broadcasting standardization, including DVB-T2, T2-Lite, DVB-NGH and ATSC 3.0. He was the Coordinator of the 5G PPP project 5G-Xcast, that designed broadcast and multicast point-to-multipoint capabilities for the standalone 5G New Radio and the 5G service-enabled Core Network, and he is currently coordinating the project 5G-RECORDS on 5G content production. He is an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, Distinguished Lecturer and member of the Administrative Committee of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society. He was the General Chair of IEEE BMSB 2018.