An introduction to 3GPP 5G Multicast and Broadcast Services

3GPP Release-17 is standardizing in the 5G system using NR the support of general multicast and broadcast communication services such as: transparent IPv4/IPv6 multicast delivery, IPTV, software delivery over wireless, group communications and IoT applications, V2X applications, and public safety. 5G Multicast and Broadcast Services (MBS) is a point-to-multipoint service that can improve the network efficiency and user experience when transmitting the same content to multiple users. The design principle of 5G MBS is to minimise the implementation impact of the feature by reusing as much as possible 5G unicast architecture and functions. In this talk, Dr. Vargas will introduce use cases, design principles and functionality of 5G MBS with a focus on the standardisation of the Radio Access Network. Finally, this talk will also present new features for MBS for the next 3GPP Release-18, which will be the first release of 5G-Advanced. .