Thermal Imaging theory and practical applications for broadcast engineering using drone technology


Wednesday’s session will center on UAS (drone) technology, with an emphasis on using thermal imaging to scan broadcast transmission lines and antennas to identify possible areas of concern where energy is being lost to heating, rather than being radiated as RF energy. Such anomalies always have a negative impact on the transmission system and usually lead to expensive repairs and lost air time. The first two speakers are certified level one and level three thermographers who will discuss thermal imaging physics, and the practical implications of these measurements, along with the science’s limitations. Actual case studies will be reported that have shown significant results. The third speaker is an expert on using drones for broadcast signal measurements, and UAS aircraft safety. He will speak about some of his experiences finding signal issues through aerial measurements. Finally the last part of the session will be reserved for a panel discussion about thermography and will be open for questions and answers.