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Welcome to the first IEEE BTS virtual event

We are all going through a period of drastic changes.  This year, most of us had to put our lives on Pause for a while; however when the time came to press the Play button again, the world had changed…we can’t carry-on and just replay the original cassette…the content is no longer appropriate.

The broadcast industry has remarkably adapted its content offering and increased their relevance to their target audience, thus preserving their unique link with the community they serve.

Broadcast technology had to move just as quick; Radio and Television network planners are looking to the broadcast engineer’s community to support their metamorphosis and adapt to their audience’s changing needs and habits, and the way they consume content. Furthermore, the business and regulatory landscape is changing, opening new broadcast opportunities and exposing Broadcasters to new threats.

IEEE BTS has chosen to adapt their service offering to the new context and offer virtual events such as this three-day virtual session called IEEE BTS Pulse. The sessions will cover two game changer technologies; 5G/EMBS and ATSC 3.0, both of these technologies are challenging the broadcast industry to the highest degree

The event would not be complete without having a look back on the remarkable adaptation capability that the broadcasters demonstrated  during the COVID19 crisis: Were Broadcasters ready for this? Was the technology infrastructure adequate? What could be the next disasters? Can we learn from the present crisis management and design more disaster resilient/flexible infrastructure and workflows?  The session on Disaster Preparedness will strive to shed light on the subject.

From home or office, be prepared for an exclusive IEEE BTS experience!  I invite the global broadcast engineering community to register. 



Guy Bouchard and Peter Siebert IEEE BTS event Co- Chairs




     Guy Bouchard, Director of transmission systems at Télé-Québec 






Peter Siebert DVB Scene            Peter Siebert, Broadcast Industry Advisor