5G Content Production


This session will explore the opportunities and challenges of 5G for the professional audiovisual content production industry. 5G offers improved performance in terms of bandwidth, reduced latency, timing and quality of service. It is expected that standardized 5G-based solutions would bring down production costs and increase the operational efficiency and flexibility of production workflows, in particular in news gathering, remote production and coverage of live events.

This session is organized by the European H2020 project 5G-RECORDS (5G key technology enableRs for Emerging media COntent pRoDuction Services) www.5g-records.eu. The project aims to explore the opportunities which new 5G technology components bring to the professional audiovisual content production, including Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE). Three use cases will be demonstrated in the project: live audio production, a multi-camera wireless studio and live immersive media production.

The session will start with a presentation of the activities led by the European Broadcasting Union on 5G content production, which has successfully engaged in 3GPP Release-17 5G standardization. The session will continue with presentations from Ericsson and Nokia about key 5G technology enablers for professional content production, such as network slicing for guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), Non-Public Networks, mimilimeter wave frequencies, edge and cloud computing, etc. The on-going technical work in 5G-RECORDS to enable the three use cases will be then presented, and the session will conclude with an open panel discussion.