2022 IEEE Pulse

5G and Beyond for Broadcast - Can 5G keep its promise?

5G promises to not only revolutionize services offered by MNOs but also to support essential use cases for a broad range of industries. In the context of broadcasting, relevant topics are production and distribution of audio/video content.  What benefits will 5G bring for content production?  How will 5G broadcasting transform content distribution? 


What new promises will 6G bring?  Join the event, listen and discuss with a panel of international industry experts the latest updates and stance in these relevant topics and what to expect in the future. 

  • Day-one will provide an update on the current state-of-the-art in audio/video content production and answer questions on how 5G and other technologies can be utilized.
  • Day-two will focus on distribution and updates on 5G Broadcast and 5G Media Streaming.
  • Day-three will be devoted to the well underway discussions on the next generation of mobile communication 6G, plus use cases and application scenarios for 6G will be presented.


0 husain member at large 2018 2020 samina     BTS PULSE Event Chair - Samina Husain 



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