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 April 29, 2020-  Keeping Our Community Connected: While we may not be able to meet in Las Vegas this year, NAB Show is dedicated to delivering the resources and connectivity that keep us all moving forward. Watch for weekly newsletters featuring content from industry partners and be sure to register now  for NAB Show Express, May 13-14.
April 29, 2020
Get moving and give back. Complete a 4K or 8K distance at your own pace and wherever you want, then share a picture of your journey, and earn a finisher’s medal. Register today!
BTS tech session webcasts every Wed. starting April 22 – May 20 covering the topics; Next 3 Innovations for Networked Radio, Viable Deterministic 5G Syst Model, Apollo System for ATSC 3.0, Technology for Reliable Transport Over Unreliable Networks, Cybersecurity in the Broadcast Plant Environment.
Programmatic Advertising is one of the most important topics for advertisers and marketers to know and understand. In order to help explain this topic AdCoach is hosting a free 30-minute webinar on the topic daily from now through May.
Net Insight Digital Experience is a platform presenting Net Insight’s latest product and solution innovations. This includes an overview of new products and solutions capabilities, as well as access to webinars, videos, on-demand demos, and downloadable digital resources.
Evertz Connected 2020 provides customers and partners an “express pass” to learn about the latest solutions Evertz is launching this Spring. As part of the interactive experience, guests are invited to take part in a comprehensive three-week series of webinars and online presentations.
In M&E, transmission methods are shifting to IP. However, it is also an undeniable fact that latency, packet drops, etc. occurs with IP transmission. EoM will detect these abnormalities and will maintain & improve the quality of IP networks.
NETGEAR is delivering virtual lunch and learns each week in May. Some sessions will be focused on network design concepts for AV over IP; others will be general overviews for those interested in NETGEAR’s innovative Pro AV products and services.

NEW! Broadcast IP Transformation Report 2020

Haivision recently polled broadcast professionals around the world to see what challenges they face, the technologies they use, and their plans for IP and cloud migration. Download the report to learn how the industry is evolving and what you need to know to stay ahead in 2020. Download the Report.

1303 Systems joins forces with Western Digital and Caringo so you can learn about: 1303 Systems’ Crucible MAM, Western Digital OpenFlex Composable Infrastructure, ensuring instant remote access to assets & archives with Caringo Swarm.
Learn how Irdeto and Zixi provide security solutions for live video over IP.
Join this webinar to hear all of the exciting updates that you would have heard at NAB Show. During this session you will learn about Spectra’s transformation as a provider, learn how our solutions bring efficiency to the overall storage infrastructure and much more.
Significant advances have been made in FM transmitters, including real-time adaptive precision, time delay control and software coverage planning tools which have closed the gap from paper to reality.
You are invited to join this webinar on April 30, 10 a.m. Pacific Time. This webinar will showcase tools to help simplify remote video sharing and video pool feeds. Please register in advance and you’ll receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
This webinar will explore ST 2110 technologies and compare them against traditional SDI workflows. We will discuss the advantages and challenges of deploying ST 2110 systems. You will learn how Sencore can enable you to take advantage of these technologies with our products in transport and analytics.
Live Production Multiviewing on the Cloud. This webinar will include the following speakers: Paul Briscoe, Chief Architect and Ilan Torbaty, VP Global Technical Operations. Join us on April 30 at 11 a.m. (ET).
Object storage provides a viable alternative to address growing storage needs. The challenge is how to evaluate available products to find the right solution for your needs. Join us on April 30 to dive into the myths & facts about Object Storage.
AI-based Trance application can show you how you can automatically generate transcripts, create closed captions, easily translate text for localization. Trance provides cloud access to AI & ML capabilities for generating transcripts, CC & translation.
Join us for an insightful and provocative conversation with an array of industry experts and thought leaders as we explore the future and its opportunities.
Designed to facilitate mobility, quick news coverage and interviews, our 5G ready PRO3 and AIR Series provide a camera-mount, backpack or belt-pack alternative to satellite. We’ll also deliver a special on our brand new Rackable RACK200 and RACK300 Series designed for remote production.
Introducing Sony's Powering Creativity Technology Video Series showcasing the most comprehensive suite of tools and technologies that are Powering Creativity in Imaging, HDR, IP, Cloud and AI. Give your creativity the power it deserves with Sony.
Join the axle ai team to see the latest in ai-powered video search tools along with, our visual workflow designer, and learn how teams worldwide are using axle ai to transition to remote work.
The Interactive Case Competition will pit four teams of top graduate students in a case competition that tackles Pay TV & Streaming Models. Watch the competition live online May 4, 8:30-10 p.m. ET. For free access, email your name, affiliation and email address to
We'll show what's new with our hybrid cloud media management and video collaboration hub with features like versioning, draw-on annotations, and transcription—all in real-time with answers to your questions.
Join our DiNA webinar on May 5 to see the latest innovations for the newsroom. Learn how you can bring staff from digital and linear together in one unified workflow. With DiNA you can, plan, create and collaborate for your news and stories creation in one unified tool, and much more.
Broadcast Projects and PayMedia present the user experience of leading pay TV and OTT services on May 5 with a live tour of the UI / UX and visual content merchandising features of the mature streaming services in the UK and European markets.
castLabs is releasing a new version of their HTML5/JavaScript PRESTOplay SDK to offer customers more flexibility and end users a better viewing experience. Join the webinar to see it in action and dive into the features and possibilities of customization.
This webinar covers Bannister Lakes’ Chameleon data aggregation solution with a focus on tickers. Chameleon’s data ingestion workflow and content management features will be explored while integrating content to generate new revenue opportunities.
This free event will feature producer Tim Wu & DP Nona Catusanu-Popp discussing their experiences together as a DP-Producer team, as well as how they got started in the industry and what inspires them. The event will be moderated by Jeff Lee, AbelCine Director of Education, with Q&A throughout.
Digital radio offers a wide range of services beyond simple audio delivery. We will look at the most popular standards available today, status of the technology, advanced features offered, new revenue streams enabled, receiver availability, and costs to deploy.
Join Panasonic on May 6 at 11 a.m. ET for a virtual experience to discuss the latest trends impacting video production and announce new products and technologies to help customers succeed today and prepare for the challenges and possibilities ahead.
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