Distinguished Lecturer Program









BTS is providing sessions via online access; please visit our Distinguished Lecturer Virtual Events page for further details and registration

Mission: To serve the needs of the members of the Broadcast Technology Society to enhance their professional knowledge and vitality by keeping them informed of the latest research results and their practical applications. Since 2009 the BTS Distinguished Lecturer Program exists for the purpose of providing BTS members with a list of quality lecturers who can potentially give lecturers at meetings, as well as funding to support the travel expenses of the lecturer. The program provides a means for BTS members to have access to individuals who are well known educators and authors in the fields of broadcast technology to lecture at chapter meetings.

Scheduling and minimum audience sizes are at the discretion of the lecturer.

Strategy: The society will select the distinguished lecturers in various areas of BTS that have information on the latest research, and provide the means to travel to destinations to present the topic of interest.

Distinguished Lecturer Nominations: Complete and return the DL Nomination Form to the BTS executive office at bts@ieee.org.


To Request a BTS Distinguished Lecturer, the host and DL should:

  • Based on the interests of its membership (e.g., a benefiting organization in the region covered by the chapter), the host approves a topic and a lecturer. A representative of the benefiting organization and/or the host shall contact the lecturer directly and work out preliminary details of the visit (date, location, name and affiliation of the benefiting organization, lecture topic, expected number of attendees, etc.).
  • After the date is set, the host and distinguished lecturer should contact the DL chair and the BTS executive office to advise them of the lecture.
  • The host and lecturer should discuss if any funding is necessary to perform the lecture prior to the visit (see funding guidelines below).
  • If you are a Distinguished Lecturer please click the link here, Distinguished Lecturer Pre-Travel form and you will be prompted to complete an online form.  You will be receiving an email of pre-travel approval.
  • No honorarium will be paid to the Distinguished Lecturer Program speakers.
  • Each distinguished lecturer may present a maximum of three DLP talks each year.
  • Each IEEE-BT Society host will be allowed a maximum of two distinguished lecturer visits per year, to be reimbursed by BTS. Expenses for any additional lectures should be paid by the host organizing the event.
  • BT Society will reimburse a distinguished lecturer's travel expenses for approved speaking engagements up to $1,250 per domestic engagement and up to $2,500 per engagement for presentations to approved events on a continent other than the speaker's home continent.
  • A limited amount of funding is available, so please get your requests in early.

To Request funding, the chapter and distinguished lecturer should:

  • Secure funding approval prior to the lecture.
  • Partial funding of the DL visit (ie: local arrangements) is encouraged, but not required of the requesting host
  • An itemized listing of expenses to be covered should be sent, along with the DL Program application.
  • Approval of any DL expenses that the host cannot cover must be obtained from the BTS DL Chair, Maurizio Murroni
  • The event must be announced as "Sponsored by the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society under its Distinguished Lecturer Program", and the lecturer should be mentioned as a BTS Distinguished Lecturer.
  • The host is expected to publicize the event in the Regional and Chapter News Section of the BTS Newsletter and/or by special mailings to all members of the chapter/section.

During the lecture

After the lecture is over

  • The chapter chair should consolidate the evaluation information into the Chapter Chair Evaluation Form and send the results to the BTS DL Chair, Maurizo Murroni.
  • The Distinguished Lecturer should complete their expense report via Concur within 60 days of the lecture date.
  • The chapter chair must send a summary report to the BTS Technical Community Program Specialist, to include information on the date and title of the lecture, event announcement/publicity, attendance, comments on the effectiveness and usefulness of the lecture, etc.
  • An article with photos, is strongly suggested, for inclusion in the next BTS Newsletter published after the lecture. All articles should be sent to btseditor@ieee.org.