ATSC 3 Roadshow

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The IEEE Broadcast Technology Society will be hosting the ATSC 3 Roadshow at locations throughout the United States.  BTS will be hosting the one-day course on the new ATSC 3 digital television (DTV) transmission system, taught by expert Gary Sgrignoli of Meintel, Sgrignoli, and Wallace, the noted digital TV transmission consulting firm. 

This course will develop a fundamental understanding of the ATSC 3 digital transmission system's Physical Layer, provide attendees with practical application ideas and update them regarding the progress of the spectrum repack and ATSC 3 deployment.  Attending the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society's ATSC 3 Roadshow will earn attendees SBE credit towards re-certification and can facilitate preparation for the upcoming SBE ATSC 3 Specialist Certification exam. 

Dates               Location               Venue               Registration Link

April 6, 2019           Las Vegas, NV              Flamingo Hotel       Register Now        

May 31                   Washington, DC            PBS DC                  Coming Soon

Course Outline

ATSC3 System Overview
-       Performance Benefits
-       Flexibility and Extensibility
-       Key State-of-the-Art Technologies and Applications

Generic Data Transmission Fundamentals Review

ATSC3 Digital Transmission System: Physical Layer Details
-       System Architecture
-       Data Signal Formats
-       Physical Layer Pipe (PLP) Data Streams
-       Data Frame Structure and Configurations
-       Forward Error Correction, Interleaving, & Constellations
-       OFDM Modulation, Pilots, and Guard Intervals
-       Expected Performance and Data Capacity versus Robustness Tradeoffs
-       Applications such as Fixed, Handheld, and Mobile

Optional ATSC3 Technologies Available
-       Transmitter & Channel Response Identification
-       Single Frequency Networks
-       MISO, Channel Bonding

Recommended Practices: Mod-Cod Parameter Selection Considerations

Preliminary Laboratory & Field Performance Results

Examples of Transmission Parameters for Possible Deployment Scenarios   


Time for Q and A will not only be allowed, but encouraged throughout the day.  In-depth seminar notes will be available for download to all registered attendees in addition to a short written summary of key system information.
Enrollment is limited, so please Register for the class location of your choice soon
If you are interested in sponsoring the ATSC 3 Roadshow please contact Margaux Toral, Society Promotions & Markteting Manager,