Jim Stenberg

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Jim Stenberg is an owner and principal engineer of Over The Air RF Consulting LLC, a broadcast engineering consultancy.  He started the company with Paul Shulins in 2023 after acquiring Greg Best Consulting.  OTA RF LLC serves both television and radio license holders with RF coverage and interference prediction, FCC licensing assistance and transmission infrastructure project management.  Prior to forming OTA RF, Stenberg was EVP of RF infrastructure at Signal Infrastructure Group PBC where he oversaw nextgen TV Single Frequency Networks (SFN) and other RF infrastructure design and installation.   Prior to joining SIG, he was with American Tower Corporation for 8 years as a principal broadcast RF engineer where he was a subject matter expert for the company regarding broadcast antennas and rf systems particularly their multi-tenant broadband systems.  Earlier he ran his own broadcast consulting and field service business, worked for several filter/antenna manufacturers and designed and built numerous TV and FM RF systems.  He has been awarded 9 US patents, written and presented numerous papers, and in 2020 he was awarded the NAB Television Engineering Achievement Award.  He lives in Portland, Maine and has a BSEE from the University of Massachusetts - Lowell.