Annual Broadcast Symposium (ABS) Chair and Committee Roles

This document lays out an updated Annual Broadcasting Symposium (ABS) conference planning process, including the impacts of the COVID19 pandemic on all IEEE conferences.  Regardless of the way conferences have operated in the past, IEEE has established new processes and procedures for all future events. This document, which was reviewed and adopted by the BTS AdCom, highlights some of those processes and procedures.  It will be the responsibility of BTS staff to report all budgetary items to the BTS President, Vice-president, Treasurer, FinCom Chair, and Vice-President of BTS Conferences.


IEEE Annual Broadcast Symposium (ABS) Recommendations and Best Practices

The Conference chair (or Co-chairs), Vice-chair and Symposium Treasurer need to Submit Conflict of Interest (COI) forms to IEEE Conference Services.  COI  forms will be sent via email from IEEE Meetings, Conferences, Events (MCE).  See Principles of Business Conduct and Conflict of Interest.

ABS Conference Finance Guidelines provide the Conference Treasurer and Chair with IEEE BTS specific guidelines. BTS staff will work with the Conference Treasurer on all budget items and will report to BTS Treasurer and VP of Conferences.

BTS Recommended Conference Timeline provides dates for all of the duties listed below.

  • The Conference Chair and Vice-chair will appoint a Symposium Committee (with responsibility for oversight of planning, logistics and budget) and a Program Committee (with responsibilities for technical review, paper selection, and sponsorship), as well as select the session chairs, and will assign tasks to them as appropriate.  

  • The Chair will organize and moderate all symposium calls (BTS staff will set up Webex) and will supply agendas in advance of all calls. BTS staff will take minutes and upload to a shared drive on Google.

  • The Chair and Vice-chair are responsible for creating the main conference program (i.e. workshop and tutorial topics).  The Program Committee will review and accept/decline papers.  The Chair and Vice-Chair will identify presenters for special sessions, invited papers, and keynotes with the support of both Committees. 

  • The Chair, Vice-chair and Symposium Committee will suggest possible locations for the Symposium. After site visits have been completed by staff, the Chair and Symposium Committee will decide the final location of the conference. 

  • The Symposium Committee will ensure its members are active in recruiting speakers, sponsors and attendees. 

  • The Chair and Vice-Chair will establish registration pricing in consultation with BTS staff and the Marketing Chair and Committee) based on previous years, sponsorship opportunities, etc.

  • In coordination with the BTS staff and the Marketing Chair and Committee, the Chair and Vice-Chair will review all publicity (social media, webpages, fliers, notices, announcements, posters, etc.) to ensure accuracy. 

  • The Chair and Vice-Char will appoint a “host” for the conference to welcome attendees, introduce session moderators, etc.  Session moderators will introduce the speakers.

  • The Symposium Committee will appoint on-site greeters for keynote speakers (in person only)

  • The Chair and Vice-Chair should engage the local BTS Chapter chair (if one exists) to see if they are able to assist with attendance and/or committee duties.

  • When possible, the chair and vice chair should pariticipate as attendees to all BTS events.

BTS staff responsibilities

  • BTS staff will assist the Chair and Vice-Chair with oversight of logistics and finances of the Symposium and ensure IEEE policies are followed.  As noted below, staff will handle the mechanics of contract negotiation and logistics.

  • BTS staff will survey site selections and hotel locations, based on the Chair and Symposium Committee’s decision of the desired location.    

  • BTS staff will manage contracts with IEEE Conference Management for the conference venue, including contract negotiation, registration management, conference logistics, etc.

  • BTS staff will submit the Symposium Schedule to IEEE Conference Services for listing in the Conference Search Database and Call for Papers.

  • BTS staff will submit IEEE Conference Budget Forms (Summary, Income, Expense & Social Functions), will check for any discrepancies, and continually monitor the budget.

  • BTS staff will create and manage website pages throughout the conference. 

  • BTS staff will handle all contracts and payments from sponsors and exhibitors.

  • BTS staff will complete a conference registration questionnaire and submit to IEEE Meetings and Conference Services (MCE).

  • BTS staff will work with IEEE Conference finance to obtain merchant accounts for credit card processing.

  • BTS staff will handle all logistics including rooms, Food and Beverage and AV set up.  The Symposium and Program Committees should alert staff immediately of any unusual requirements.  

  • BTS staff will handle sending preliminary specifications (set up, catering, etc.) to the Symposium venue and manage the venue operation while onsite.

  • BTS staff will take care of publicity for the Symposium which includes updates to website pages, press releases, marketing and sponsorship. 

  • BTS staff will propose a schedule for the Symposium and the Program Committee will determine the number and timing of presentations, and identify speakers.     

  • BTS staff will set all deadline dates with regards to open and close dates for abstract submission, author notification and final paper submission and registration. This is to build a more consistent timeline, with promotion beginning earlier in the year, etc.)

  • The BTS Conference timeline schedule was put in place so this does not have to be revisited each year.

  • BTS staff will collect and track abstracts submitted for the Symposium.

  • If needed, BTS staff will arrange an in-person paper selection meeting, including contracts for hotel, AV and F & B, as may be appropriate, keeping in mind the overall budget of the Symposium.

  • BTS staff will arrange all public announcements including call for papers, registration opening, past due notices and sponsorship information.

  • BTS staff will handle the final program book and obtaining slides of presentations for AV staff.

  • BTS staff will manage contacts with speakers (the Program Committee will provide contact information) for acceptance/decline and any necessary follow-ups.  BTS staff will create a contact list of speakers for session moderators so that they can assist in getting final presentations on time.

  • BTS staff will handle ordering giveaways, speaker gifts, etc., as well as signage for the event keeping in mind the budget of the Symposium.

  • BTS staff will handle obtaining weekly reports from hotel on room pickups up to the week of Symposium and will provide that information to the Symposium Committee. BTS Staff will adjust the room block if needed.

  • BTS staff will handle creating the attendee awards survey, tally survey results, and order the plaque for Matti Siukola award.  

  • BTS staff will handle applications and management of Continuing Education Unit (CEU) and PDH (Professional Development Hours) for attendees.

  • BTS staff will order a plaque for the winner of Jules Cohen Award for Outstanding Broadcast Engineering award to be presented at the event. 

  • BTS staff will handle ordering other plaques and certificates for the speakers, special award winners and all committee members.

  • BTS staff will handle all post communications with event attendees.

  • BTS staff will take care of paying all hotel bills, submitting W9s, etc.

  • BTS staff, in coordination with the Symposium Treasurer will submit a final financial report to Audit and IEEE Conference Services.

[1.22.21 Adoption by BTS AdCom]