Nominations and Appointments Chair and Committee Roles

The BTS Chair of Nominations and Appointments role goes to the BTS Past President. They will manage the BTS Nominations and Appointments Committee under the direction of the BTS President.  The Chair will initiate, develop and coordinate any changes/enhancements to the BTS Officer and AdCom Member-at-Large Nomination and Election processes and attend all BTS AdCom Meetings held each year to report on the progress and status of the same.

Specific responsibilities include coordinating with the Nominations and Appointments Committee members and BTS staff to define, delegate and monitor nomination and election-related work.  Also, the Chair will act as the primary BTS ‘volunteer’ contact person for BTS and AdCom members, other society/council volunteers and IEEE staff for requests, questions, issues, etc., concerning the Nomination and Election processes.  When possible, the chair will participate as an attendee for all BTS events. The Nominations and Appointments Committee is chaired by the immediate past president unless otherwise assigned.

Primary Staff contact - Society Operations Manager

The responsibilities of the Nominations and Appointments Committee include the following:

  • Monitoring the status of the bi annual Officers appointments and annual AdCom Member-at-Large nominations and elections processes, including the reporting of various statistics and year-to-year trends
  • Working with staff to managing the preparation and advertisement of a general Call for Nominations for Members-At-Large 
  • Work with staff on the preparation and distribution of an e-mail to all AdCom members soliciting them to either run for and/or to nominate a colleague for an AdCom Member-at-Large position
  • Work with staff on  the preparation and distribution of the slate of Officer and AdCom Member-At-Large candidates with resumes to all full voting AdCom members at least one month prior to the elections
  • Work with staff on the preparation of the Officer and AdCom Member-at-Large ballots and tally sheets
  • Work with staff on sending of congratulatory letters to the AdCom Members-at-Large who are elected and thank you letters to candidates not elected
  • Attending committee meetings as needed
  • Email correspondence
  • Desired soft skills - social media involvement