BTS Editor in Chief (EiC) for the IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting

IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting (T-BC) Editor-in-Chief (EiC) is responsible for the publication of the IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting.  EiC should work closely with BTS publication staff, BTS Publication Committee, and Associate-Editors/Guest-Editors to assure quality and on-time publication of the IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting.  EiC should:

  • Work closely with BTS and IEEE publication staff to run the peer-view process for all submitted papers.  

  • Check all submitted papers to make sure that they are in the T-BC technical scope and have good quality and reference value.  Informing out of scope paper authors that their paper should be referred to other IEEE society journals.  

  • Assign Associate Editors (AE) to peer-view the submitted papers and assist AE in the peer-view process for speedy and accurate peer-view.

  • Work with BTS publication staff for the T-BC on-time publication, e.g., plan annual T-BC page count, design Table of Content of each T-BC issue, help authors on final submission and proof-reading process.

  • Work to resolve any problem authors might have, work with AEs to assure quick peer-view).

  • Work with AEs to assist peer-viewers to resolve possible problems and answer questions.

  • Work with T-BC special Issue Lead Guest Editor and Guest Editors to assure on-time publication of each Special Issue.

  • Make recommendation of AE candidates to BTS Publication committee chair for approval of a 3-year term (renewable).

  • Finding qualified AE candidates and good peer-viewers.

  • In case there are any issues with authors that EiC cannot resolve, EiC should work with BTS Publication Chair and Publication Committee members to resolve the problem.