BTS (Committee on Communication Policy (CCP) Representative Role

Society Chair and Committee Roles

The BTS CCP representative is appointed by the BTS President.


IEEE-USA has a group/function that advises various US government agencies (mostly the FCC) on policies related to communication technologies, ostensibly from a technology viewpoint.  Every IEEE Society has the opportunity to have a member/representative on that committee. 

CCP REPs JOB DESCRIPTION – on behalf of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society

  • Almost 100% of the work is done via email and an occasional on-line (WebEx) meeting.

  • The Representative monitors the numerous emails and attends the occasional on-line meetings.

  • Contributions on Topics/Subjects that are germane to the Broadcast industry and/or the BT Society are addressed by the Representative.

  •  If appropriate and necessary, such topics are brought to the attention of the BTS president, and perhaps to the full BTS AdCom for discussion and/or guidance to the Representative.  [Such topics are rare.]

  • Most of these topics relate to the cellular industry, and relate to the interests (biases and whims) of the CCP individual participating members (rather than the societies that have appointed them).  Sometimes, they draft ‘White Papers’ [This does not happen often.] on a given topic that must then be approved by a majority of the CCP members, and then approved by IEEE-USA before that White Paper can be forwarded to a government agency on behalf of the IEEE-USA.  

  • The CCP Representative reports activities of the CPP to the BT AdCom.

  • Should a Topic/Subject be deemed of interest to the BT membership as a whole, the CCP Representative will prepare an Article for the Society’s Newsletter.