Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Chair and Committee Roles

The BTS Chair of Strategic Plan (SP) will manage the BTS SP Committee under the direction of the BTS President.   The Chair will initiate, develop and coordinate the strategic plan, programs and activities in the area of SP. When possible, chair should participate as an attendee for all BTS events. They will attend at least two BTS AdCom Meetings held each year to report on the progress and status of the same.

SP Objectives:

·         Increase IEEE BTS’s relevance to members and other target audiences

·         Grow IEEE BTS membership

·         Advocate and inform within the industry and related industries about broadcasting

·         Make a difference in the industry and in the professional lives of Members

·         Optimize IEEE BTS governance, including updating the by-laws, committee structure and volunteer staffing

Specific responsibilities include coordinating with the SP Committee members the implementation and progress of programs and activities. Ensuring actions are resulting in positive impacts for the SP objectives.

Primary staff contact: Society Operations Manager -

The programs, activities and responsibilities of the SP Committee include the following:

  • Monitoring the status of the SP programs and activities, including the reporting of various statistics
  • Ensure SP programs and activities are within the SP Objectives
  • Ensure SP programs and activities align with other committees, ie. Marketing, WIE, YP, and others.