Current Distinguished Lecturers



Below is the list of our current distinguished lecturers, and first glance information regarding the speakers and their topics. Please contact the DLP Chair, Rich Chernock ( if you are interested in having one of these speakers attend your chapter meeting. For detailed information on all lecture abstracts and speaker biograpies, please click the individual lecturer. Please note, each distinguished lecturer may present a maximum of three DLP talks each year.

Distinguished Lecturer Chair

Rich  Chernock  -  BTS Distinguished Lecturer portrait
Rich Chernock - BTS Distinguished Lecturer
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Lecture #1: "ATSC 3.0 - Next Generation Television" Read Abstract
Lecture #2: "DTV Basics" Read Abstract
Lecture #3: "ATSC 2.0 (including NRT and Connected TV)" Read Abstract

Distinguished Lecturer

Pablo Angueira - AdCom 2016-2018 portrait
Pablo Angueira - AdCom 2016-2018
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Lecture #1: FOBTV: Future of Broadcast Television an overview from the European Perspective. Read Abstract
Lecture #2: Layered Division Multiplexing: Basics Concepts, Application Scenarios and Performance Read Abstract
Lecture #3: Single Frequency Network Planning in Second Generation Terrestrial Systems: HPHT, LPLT, mobile services and large SFNs” Read Abstract
Lecture #4:Microwave Line of Sight Links: Transport infrastructure for Terrestrial Broadcasting” Read Abstract
Guy Bouchard  -  BTS Strategic Planning, BTS Nominations & Awards Committee portrait
Guy Bouchard - BTS Strategic Planning, BTS Nominations & Awards Committee
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Lecture #1: MPEG transport technology Read Abstract
Lecture #2: ATSC fixed and mobile transmission Read Abstract
Lecture #3: Satellite based broadcast contribution technology Read Abstract
Lecture #4: IP Over Satellite Read Abstract
Marco Breiling portrait
Terrestrial broadcast vs. LTE-eMBMS: Competition and cooperation Read Abstract
Tim Carroll portrait
Lecture #1: Delivering Quality Sound: A Farewell to Loudness Issues Read Abstract
Lecture #2: Audio Considerations for Mobile Digital Television Read Abstract
Lap-Pui Chau portrait
Lap-Pui Chau
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Lecture #1: "Source and Channel Rate Allocation Techniques for Digital Video Transmission Application" Read Abstract
Lecture #2: "Multi-Program Video Coding for Digital Video Broadcasting application" Read Abstract
Dr. Chung-Kwang Chou portrait
Dr. Chung-Kwang Chou
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Lecture #1: Safety Issues of Radiofrequency Exposure Read Abstract
Lecture #2: International Exposure and Assessment Standards of Electromagnetic Energy Read Abstract
Lecture #3: Promoting Safe Use of Electromagnetic Energy Read Abstract
Matthew  Goldman portrait
Lecture #1: "Broadcast Television Analog Turn-Off" Not yet available.
Lecture #2: "Advances in Video Compression Technology for Contribution & Distribution" Not yet available.
Lecture #4: "MPEG-4 AVC Technology" Not yet available.
Lecture #5: "3D TV Technology" Not yet available.
David Layer  -  BTS Symposium Chair portrait
David Layer - BTS Symposium Chair
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Lecture #1: "Digital Radio" Read Abstract
Lecture #2: "Digital TV" Not yet available.
Lecture #3: "Broadcast Regulatory and Legislative Issues" Not yet available.
Sung-Ik Park portrait
Sung-Ik Park
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Lecture #1: Layered Division Multiplexing System Read Abstract
Lecture #2: ATSC 3.0 Physical Layer Read Abstract
Lecture #3: SFN and On-Channel Repeater Read Abstract
Lecture #4: Low-Density Parity Check Code for Digital Broadcasting System Read Abstract
Amal Punchihewa portrait
Amal Punchihewa
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Digital Radio broadcasting Technologies Read Abstract / Download
Digital Terrestrial Television broadcast technologies Read Abstract / Download
Image and Video compression: Artefacts and Quality of Experience Read Abstract / Download
Integrated Broadcast-Broadband (IBB) Technologies, Standards and Services Read Abstract / Download
Gary Sgrignoli portrait
Lecture #1: " 8-VSB Fundamentals & Measurements Overview" Read Abstract
Lecture #2: "Post Transition DTV Reception Issues" Read Abstract
J. Patrick (Pat) Waddell portrait
J. Patrick (Pat) Waddell
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Lecture #1: Audio Loudness Not yet available.
Lecture #2: Video and Audio Compression Not yet available.
Lecture #3: MPEG-2 Systems Not yet available.
Lecture #4: Image Artifacts, their creation and cures Not yet available.
Eric R. Wandel  -  BTS COMAR Representative portrait
Eric R. Wandel - BTS COMAR Representative
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Lecture #1: Directional Pattern Design of VHF and UHF Antennas for FM and TV Using Computer Modeling Read Abstract
Xianbin  Wang portrait
Lecture #1: "Robust System Design for Multimedia Broadcasting Services under Distributed Transmission Network" Read Abstract
Lecture #2: "Emerging Technology and New Applications for ATSC DTV Systems" Read Abstract
Hsiao-Chun Wu portrait
Hsiao-Chun Wu
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Lecture #1: "Digital Transmission and Signal Processing in Broadband Multimedia Communications" Read Abstract
Lecture #2: "Transmitter Identification for Digital Video Broadcasting" Read Abstract
Yiyan  Wu   portrait
Lecture #1: DTV transmission systems Not yet available.
Lecture #2: SFN, Distributed Transmission and Cloud Transmission Not yet available.
Lecture #3: Wind Turbine Impact to UHF Band DTV Reception Not yet available.
Ce Zhu portrait
Lecture #1: 3D-TV System with Depth-Image-Based Rendering Read Abstract
Lecture #2: View Synthesis and Artifact Reduction Techniques in 3D Video Read Abstract
Lecture #3: Advanced Video Streaming with Multiple Description Coding and Network Diversity Read Abstract
Lecture #4: Temporal Dependent Rate Distortion Optimization in Motion Compensated Video Coding: An Attempt to Global RDO Read Abstract