Bridging the Gap


Bridging the Gap: Video and IT Technology for Engineers

Bridging the Gap, a two-day, highly interactive seminar, allows engineers and technicians from a wide variety of backgrounds to gain a mutual understanding of the complex relationships that exist between media and information processing technologies. The course was designed to address the knowledge gap that exists in many modern broadcast facilities between technologists that have a deep base of experience with the traditional world of video broadcast and those who have specialized knowledge of data processing and computer networking.

During each class, a model broadcast facility will be designed in phases to help show students a state-of-the-art approach to implementing a broadcast facility using concepts taught in the class.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Engineers who want a deeper understanding of current and emerging technologies being used within broadcast facilities;
  • Technicians who want to broaden their base of experience to become more versatile.

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Improved grasp of both video and data networking technologies for all students;
  • Greater rapport and simplified communications between different departments within a broadcast facility;
  • Improved ability to identify likely sources of trouble and increased speed of problem resolution;
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be available to students who successfully complete the course.

Course Topics

  • Sampling Images, Sampling Grids
  • Progressive and Interlace
  • Basics of baseband digital video transport
  • ANC data, embedded audio, caption basics
  • Active Format Description
  • DTV Basics
  • OSI and Internet models
  • Ethernet cabling & addressing
  • Files and streams
  • Essence, metadata & wrappers
  • Compression basics
  • Causes of latency and effects
  • AES audio basics
  • Audio metadata
  • Controlling loudness & lipsync
  • Content identifiers (ISAN, Ad-ID, UMID)
  • Metadata Schemas
  • Wrappers & KLV coding
  • GXF, MXF
  • AMWA AS02 and AS03
  • Storage Technology
  • Cloud storage
  • Comparing video servers and IT storage
  • Subnets and Switching
  • Bridging, switching, and routing
  • WAN connections
  • Spanning Tree Protocol
  • VLANs
  • Jumbo frames
  • Security concerns
  • Tunneling Firewalls and DMZs
  • Video Servers
  • Content Management
  • BXF & linking business systems & metadata
  • Broadcast news issues
  • Non-linear systems
  • MOS
  • Ingesting & QC for essence and metadata
  • File management & HSM
  • Virtualization
  • TCP and acceleration

About the Instructors

JLuff_sJohn Luff
Television Technology Consultant
HD Consulting

John is an independent consultant in television technology and facility design. He has 45 years of experience in broadcasting, post production, facilities management, remote production, project management, technical consulting and system design. He is a consultant and lecturer on emerging media technologies, has written well over 150 articles for Broadcast Engineering magazine, and contributed two chapters to the latest revision of the NAB Engineering Handbook. John is a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, and the SBE “Engineer of the Year” in 2010.


Wes_sWes Simpson
Telecom Product Consulting

Wes has over 30 years of experience in the design, development, and marketing of products for telecommunications and video networking. Wes was a founding member of the Video Services Forum, and is currently on the Board of Editors for the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal. He is a frequent speaker and analyst for the video technology market, and is author of two popular books from Focal Press, both in their second editions: “Video over IP” published by Focal Press in 2008 and “IPTV and Internet Video” published by Focal Press in 2009.


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For additional information, please contact:

Amy Reeder
Technical Community Program Specialist
IEEE Broadcast Technology Society
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA

Voice: +1 732 562 5416

Feedback from Former Students

"Good info on recent standards and new file workflows"
" basics; younger engineers need this more than anything"
"The class makes you realize the areas of our knowledge which are challenged and need more exposure"
"Course was just right for me..."
"Great overview..."
"My son works for [manufacturer]...he could use this course too!"
"Excellent Course!"